Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strawberry Strategy

Well, I know I don't usually start thinking about strawberries until summertime, but last night as I was perusing my absolute favorite periodical, Southern Living, I found myself enrapt in an article about growing strawberries in a hanging basket.  Usually, I just skip over the garden section of SL in favor of the lovely travel tidbits, divine design, and incredible recipes.  However, this skip is not because I don't appreciate the beauty of a garden and the wonders that grow there, but it has more to do with my thumb not being the greenest and a shortage of green space in my current accomodations.  The article advocated using a metal collandar instead of an actual bastket.  The same device used to drain your spaghetti can be used to grow strawberries!  Isn't that delightful?!  From what I can tell, you purchase about 3 little strawberry plants, fill in with potting soil, water well, and watch them grow.  Stay tuned for updates on this little idea.  Hopefully, I'll had a tinge more green to my thumb!!  Hope you have a good evening!

PS.  I did a yoga workout on Netflix tonight and it was really good!  I can't wait to explore other workout options.  Let me know if you have tried any workouts on Netflix that you have liked. :)


  1. Oh I love this :) I have wanted to grow a garden for years; you're inspiring me! And yay for doing yoga! I didn't know Netflix had a workout section as well. This is exciting!

  2. I want to do it, too! I love strawberries and they're so expensive right now (but I keep buying them because I love them!) My next question (which may be a silly one) where exactly do you buy strawberry plants from??


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