Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday: Around the House

Hi Y'all!  I thought I would try to link up with Pink Preppy Lilly Lover's Pink and Green Thursday party!!  Here are some pink and green glimpses around my house! :)
my little laptop cover :)

fun notecards

some favorite personalized notes

some fave necklaces and lip gloss :)

sweet monogrammed pouch from my momma

I love that my conditioner and new shower gel fit with the theme!!  That spicy gumdrop smells SOOO good!!
Happy Pink and Green Thursday, everyone!! 


  1. love the conditioner and shower gel. Does that conditioner work well? I've thought of trying it before.

  2. Oh Carroll, hello dearest and thank you so much for linking up for Pink & Green Thursday! I am just in love with all your pinks and greens around your home, isn't it funny to look back and realize that our love of these adorable colors just seem to pop up in places we'd least expect?! :) Your conditioner and shower gel are too cute, what a fun pink and green blast of color in the shower every day! Spicy gumdrop - you must tell me where I can find this! The monogrammed pouch and your personalized stationery are darling too. Thanks again for linking up and hope you'll join us again soon! Hugs and smiles! xoxo


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