Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dallas Daytrip!

Hi Friends!
Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!  I took a fun day trip to Dallas on Saturday and can't wait to share about the fun I had!!  But before I get to the day trip, I must tell you about this wonderful Masterpiece Classics miniseries I happened upon called Downton Abbey.  It is so interesting and is set in 1914.  In fact, the series begins the day after the sinking of the Titanic.

I highly recommend a visit to Downton Abbey.  I haven't finished watching all of the programs yet, but what I have watched so far has been riveting!!

Now, onto the Dallas trip!  I met my mom and Muvie in Big D for lunch and we ate at the most fabulous restaurant called Rise No. 1.   The main feature of the menu is souffles and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Here is Muvie at the beginning of our adventure.  The restaurant is decorated in a lovely French style and is just so warm and cozy!

Here's a glimpse of the menu!  There were so many tasty options, that I had quite a difficult time making a selection.

I finally decided on the blue crab souffle and it did not disappoint!  The flavor of the crab was perfectly accented with red pepper and cheese.

Then, we splurged and order sweet souffles!  This one is Mom's hazlenut souffle.  Isn't it beautiful?!

I ordered the bread pudding souffle and it was fantastic.  Muvie tried the Grand Marnier souffle.  Of course, we all shared with each other and I thought all of the souffles were fabulous!

As you leave, they give you a thought for the day to take with you!  Isn't that sweet?!  

As if that wasn't enough, I have personally been craving macarons for months and had read about a bakery in Dallas that makes them.  I looked the bakery up and they happened to be just down the street from Rise, so we popped by Tart bakery and I ran in to get a little sampler of treats! :)  Of course, I was still full from lunch, so I didn't open my treats until this afternoon when I tried the chocolate one and it was wonderful!! 

Next on the list was an adorable knitting shop in Plano called the Woolie Ewe.  They have tons of yarn and pattern books and in the middle of the store are sitting areas where you can meet some friends for a little knitting party!  Last Christmas, Muvie taught me how to knit and I haven't gotten back into it for awhile, but this trip really inspired me to get my little knitting start back out and work on it.

Here Mom and I were waiting in the car for Muvie.  Muvie bought some yarn and they have this really great machine that will wind your skeins of yarn into a ball of yarn much more quickly than if you were to do it yourself.  A nice added bonus!

After a little trip to Northpark (we all know a trip to Dallas wouldn't be complete without a little visit here :), I met my friend Lindsey at one of our absolute favorites, Cantina Laredo!!
Yes, this is the tableside guacamole that they make.  It is so good...I may or may not dream about this wonderful delight sometimes. :)

It was so good to catch up with this dear friend!!
Happy Sunday, friends!  Hope you each have a wonderful week ahead!! :)

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