Saturday, January 15, 2011

Siesta Scripture Memory Verse 2

"But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peacable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy."
James 3:17 NRSV

Well, I feel like I'm really challenging myself with this one.  The first verse I chose sort of echoed itself, but this one has lots of words to remember and the challenge doesn't stop there!!  Not only is it challenging to memorize, but I think it is a challenging one for my life.  What wisdom am I pursuing?  It really makes me think.  When I read verses like this I am so overwhelmed with the depth and richness of the Bible.  What a wonderful gift from an ever-loving God.  Praise His name!

It is a chilly, rainy day where I am and I sort of LOVE this weather, especially when you don't have many items on the agenda.  Sleeping in and waking up to rain pattering on the windowpanes is such fun!  This afternoon, I had a wonderful lunch with a friend and it was so nice to visit that two hours flew by before we realized it!  Then, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some materials for a little craft project I have in mind.  Hopefully, I'll have a post about that soon!   

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I was thinking earlier about our lunches at Plain & Fancy. It made me miss you. It also made me miss their tuna sandwich. But mostly I missed you. :)

    I wish we lived anywhere near each other so we could sew baby shoes TOGETHER!


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