Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jewelry Update and Other Tidbits

After the last post, I realized it might be fun to show you my jewelry organizer with some actually jewelry on it!! :) Here is the finished product:

Here is a close up of the pin I stuck through the fabric into the foam board.  As you can see, you can also just poke earrings in the board, too!

Then, you hang the necklace on the pin.

Or the bracelets. :)

Here's a closeup.

For some reason this picture is sideways, but you can hang dangly earrings as well.

Here's another sideways photo, but I wanted to show you the beautiful necklace my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas.

And the adorable frame, too!!  I can't wait to put a picture of my nephew in it when he arrives!!  Yes, it's a boy!!!! :)  I'm one thrilled soon-to-be Aunt!
Edwin and Megan also gave me some incredible earrings, but I happened to be wearing them when I took these pictures.  :)

Here's a little "c" from the parents.  I heart initials!

My Auntie Di and Keen gave me this beautiful candle and I recently purchased the little tray in the background to hold my perfume!  I just love the gold pattern on the candle and the delicate charm!

Well, friends, I'm off to read more of The Winter Garden.  It was our book club book and we met last night to discuss it, but I am still determined to finish it!  I think I should add finish books before book club to my New Year's Resolutions!!  I don't know what our group is reading next, but I hope I can dive into The Help very soon!!


  1. I have The Help on my nightstand, ready to go, right after I finish Laura Bush's book Spoken from the Heart. It's good, but taking me awhile to get through it since it's non-fiction (and she's kind of wordy, truth be told.)

    I get how the organizer works now--I guess I just couldn't see the pins the first go 'round. It looks even prettier with all your lovely pieces on it!

  2. So cute!! Thanks for posting more pictures of your jewelry holder. Great job!


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