Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010 Recap

Christmas was so fun this year.  It was such a wonderful time to be with precious family and friends and reflect on the true meaning of the season.  Here are some pictures from this sweet time!

My parents' beautiful tree.  One of my favorite things to do when I am home is get a book and sit in the living room with the Christmas tree. 

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. :)  Mom and mine are on the left and Daddy and Muvie's are on the right.  My stocking is the Santa one on the far left and Muvie made it.  Mom's is her's from childhood and her Aunt Katherine made it.  It is so special to have these stockings crafted by loving hands.

Holiday M&Ms :)

Special ornaments

An olive wood nativity scene that Mom bought on her trip to the Holy Land
Mom's collection of nutcrackers

Christmas morning Mom made the fabulous McKay House french toast.  Yummy!!  After breakfast, we opened our stockings and what wonderful treats from St. Nick we found!  Then we got ready for lunch.
We were so thrilled to be invited to Christmas dinner at my Auntie Di and Keen's house.  Everything was delicious and it was so fun to be together!
Will, the expert carver

Beautiful Auntie Di working her magic in the kitchen!

Cousin pic with sweet Brinley the maltipoo :)

Auntie Di's gorgeous tree

The "kids'" table

Sweet nativity

I love this Santa.
Three Magi

Another beautiful nativity
The "grown-up" table :)

I love the ceramic trees and nutcracker accents.

Beautiful Mom in a winter wonderland

Grandmommy and Auntie Di's Baylor tree



Travis and Me

Lauren and Anna

The "grown up" table

Cool picture that Will took :)


I am very brave putting this pic, but I'm just being totally honest because it is my dessert plate!  I just struggle so much with big decisions like dessert, so I end up getting a little bit of everything!! :)

Mom's yummy red velvet cake

When we went back home, we opened our gifts Christmas night.

We sure found a lot of goodies under the tree!! Thank you so much Santa and my sweet family for all the wonderful treats.  It is always a blessing to be with you, especially at this special time of year!

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  1. Hey Carroll, it's cousin Anna! I enjoyed your Christmas blog. I'm considering making one of these blogs myself-- it seems like fun!


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