Monday, October 22, 2012


Three generations of Catherines photographed together in this photo, but a first name is not all that we share.  When you have the joy of living life with a grandmother, especially one so full of life herself, life is full and blessed.  My precious Muvie went to be with Jesus a month ago and I miss her.  I miss her very much.  Sometimes I forget she is not a phone call or car ride away and then I remember.  Although her physical presence is no longer on earth, I find myself reminded of her in words or phrases I say and thoughts and memories that continuously flit through my mind.  In this way, she is not gone from me, but continues to fill my life with her presence in the ways she has influenced who I am.  I hope to take some time on this blog to remember more details of her life, so I will have these stories with me always.  Though a loss like this is difficult, the caring presence of Christ is ever near and for that I am ever thankful.

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