Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend I journeyed to Nebraska for my brother's graduation from grad school.  We had so much fun!!  I flew in Saturday around noon and my cousin Will was so kind to pick me up from the airport and take me to the house for the party festivities.  Once we got into town, Will and I met my brother for lunch at this fabulous restaurant called Bread and Cup.  They use all local produce in their dishes and I loved my veggie sandwich and asparagus potato soup!  Then, Edwin, Will, and I headed to The Mill for a little coffee after our lunch.  Well, I had a soy chai latte, but the boys had coffee. 

Then, we headed to the house for a fabulous graduation celebration!  Mom and Dad drove up for the festivities, so they arrived shortly after we did. 
Edwin and Will, cousins and new graduates!  Will is actually graduating today as I write this.  Congratulations, Doc!!
 Megan and her mom putting just the right amount of seasoning on the burgers. :)
 Bette's adorable centerpiece.
Mom and Megan
 Before the guests arrived, Megan and Edwin opened a few gifts for Little B, my soon-to-arrive nephew!!
 The perfect gift for the son of a Ranger's fan!! :)

 And Muvie knitted these adorable baby booties.  I think they are so sweet!!
 It was such a treat to see Megan's sisters, MacKenzie and Mallory, too!!
 The beautiful Vogt women. :)

 Some really great guys!!
 We loved the way these fun couples color-coordinated their party attire. :)
 Here are Megan and Edwin's two cats, Baylor (above) and Bear (below).
 Any guesses to the alma mater of their owners?? :)
 Dad and Will sharing a laugh.
Edwin was so excited to show us the traveling system for the baby.

 I think he looks like a pro!
 Here's a sneak peek at Little B's nursery.  I think it is so precious!!  The wall art is so sweet and says,
"Lord, bless this little lamb".
 I love the way they have arranged the shelves.  Can't wait to read some of those sweet books to Little B!
 This painting is one my Great Aunt Katherine did and the color scheme is perfect in the room.  I love how things like art can connect us to generations who have gone before. 
 Another closeup of the art.  Megan's cousin free-handed the writing.  Isn't she amazing!!
 And I'm sure this area will get a lot of use in the coming months and years!  I just love all of the lamb accents.
 Here is Pops taking everything in.  He looks especially interested in the Nolan Ryan cutout on Little B's shelf! :)
 I think the bedding is so sweet.  It is a baby blue toile.
 Megan showed us some options for Little B's going home outfit -- so sweet!
 We had so much fun eating yummy brats and burgers hot off the grill and spending time with family and friends that I forgot to take many pictures of the festivities!! :)
 I did manage to get this one of one of Edwin's gifts.  I think it is perfect!!
 After a delicious dinner and fabulous dessert, we went outside and enjoyed some time around the fire pit.
Laughter is always in copious quantities when you are with this group!  
Thanks for hosting such a fabulous party and congratulations to the graduate!! :)

The next day was graduation, so we caravaned to Edwin's school and were so proud when Edwin walked across the stage.  Here are some images from that special day:
 It was a little chilly for us folks from Texas! :)

 A very precious couple!!
 Mom and Grad


 Congratulations, Edwin!!  We are so proud of you!

 After graduation, we headed to a celebratory lunch at the same place where Edwin and Megan had their wedding reception!! 
The restaurant had a lovely fireplace!!  
The food was delicious!  We had homemade doughnut holes with raspberry and chocolate sauce for an appetizer and I ordered an omelet with blue crab and asparagus.  Phenomenal!!

Here Edwin is opening his graduation gift from all of us...

 I thought Megan did a great job with the presentation!!
Congratulations, Brother!  I am so proud of you and all your wonderful achievements!

After  lunch, Edwin took us on a tour of his school.

 It is an older building with wonderful windows.

 I just loved all the decorative elements outside.

After the tour, we had a delicious lemon dessert that Megan made. :)


The next morning we got to have breakfast with Edwin and Megan before Mom and Dad took me to the airport.  I had such a good time!!  Thanks so much for your precious hospitality!  Can't wait to see you all very soon! :)

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  1. Congrats to Edwin on the graduation AND upcoming birth of his son! What a fun time!


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