Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello Somebody!!

Hi Friends!
First of all, thanks for all the fun birthday wishes to my mom!  I had so much fun sharing them with her!! :)  Today, I thought I would link up with Trish's Pink and Green Thursday party because I have a fun newly acquired pink accessory that I want to tell you about. :)

My friend Amy gave me this adorable watch and told me the story behind it.  She got it from  This website sells items like watches (you can buy other bands and change the colors), t-shirts, bracelets, necklaces, and music, and the money you spend goes to feed orphans.  On the home page there is even a counter, so you can see how many meals have been provided.  I thought that was a pretty amazing ministry and wanted to pass the info along to you.  Thanks, Amy, for this sweet gift!!

In other news, I just downloaded the Droid version of instagram on my phone and am loving it!!  It's called photo effects.  I even used it for this little picture above! :)  Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!

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  1. Awesome! The watch is so cute, and I love the idea behind the site. Thanks for sharing!


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