Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Next Decade...

Yes, it is true, I crossed the bridge into the land of the 30s on Sunday.  Maybe now I should watch the series "thirtysomething" to learn more of this brave new world.  So far the terrain is...surprisingly familiar.  My sweet mother had a luncheon for me (complete recap will follow soon) and one of the things my friends discussed was our "perfect" age or the age we will always feel like.  One said her age was 17 and another said 25 and I sat there stumped.  I'm not sure what my perfect age is.  Part of me has always felt like I was an 85 year old in a younger body, but then again part of me feels like a child, wondering if 5 years is more my speed.  After all, kindergarten was a pretty good year!  Hopefully my travels in 30land will give me more insight.  I will look forward to sharing my findings with you all as I journey!  Hope you have a blessed evening!

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