Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting to Know You!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!  Today I am linking up with Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition for her Confessional Friday linkup.  I've been reading Leslie's blog for a few years and enjoy reading all about her life with her precious fam.  She also offers amazing fashion styling and beauty tips!  It's a great read. :)  Today, she is hosting an introduction link up, so I thought I would join the fun!

About Me

I'm Carroll and I've lived in Texas my whole life!  I love traveling to other places, but always feel at home here. :)  I spend my days working as a counselor and I truly love what I do.  I'm definitely a people person, so this career is a great fit for me.  When I have free time, I love spending it with my hubby, reading, writing, trying new recipes (usually spotted on Pinterest -- also something I love looking at during my free time!), working on the occasional craft project and getting together with family and friends.


I married the man of my dreams in May (I wrote a little bit about it here) and so we are enjoying learning to be a family of two!

My parents are two of my biggest supporters and have taught me so much by the amazing love they have shown me.  I'm also blessed with a wonderful brother, sister-in-law and two adorable nephews (one was still on the way when this photo was taken. :)).  We love every chance we get to see them and I am so thankful for their great friendship.

Dreams and Goals

Some of my dreams and goals include writing books, devotionals, and faith-focused blog posts.  I've started a blog called "Hope and Holiness" where I write reflections on scripture and faith and would love for you to stop by.  I would also love to have a ministry spmeday where I speak at retreats.  

Other goals include traveling all over the world with G.  I love visiting new places and experiencing other cultures.  Maybe now that I have listed it as a goal, I can start a bucket list of all the places I want to see.  I also love visiting local communities and seeing all of their unique points of interest.  I love reading up on all the must see places and especially their favorite local restaurants. :)

A third goal G and I have is doing some updates to our house.  We have already had a few rooms painted and are looking forward to starting phase 1 of our updates on Monday!  It's been so fun finding ideas to make our space our own.  (I also find home decor and design fascinating and would love to take a continuing ed class on interior design sometime!)

Why do you blog?

I don't know if I ever shared why I started blogging, but it was several years ago and I was in line at a lunch buffet and almost as if in slow motion, my entire tray collapsed to the floor and I found myself with remnants of what had been on my tray on my skirt and all I could do was laugh!  I remember thinking, I want to write this down, so I'll remember what happened today!!  I had been reading several blogs before (including Leslie's!) and  thought a blog would be the perfect place to chronicle my day to day happenings, so I could look back and remember different things I had done and so The Chronicles of Carroll began.  It has been such a fun journey.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you have a great weekend!! :)

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  1. Even though I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks, I didn't know you were a counselor. Your other blog is still on my list to check out. I promise.


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