Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tea Time!!

Hello everyone!
Sorry I have been absent, but I finished up my summer school class this week, so hopefully my posts will be a little more frequent!  I'll start with the next installment of my San Francisco trip.  Friday afternoon after my last conference session, I hopped on a street car and headed to Ghiradelli Square. 
I had really been looking forward to this part of my trip because of a delightful little tea shop called the Crown and Crumpet!

I enjoyed my afternoon tea alfresco!

Isn't the china darling?  The menu is to the right.  I indulged in Crownberry tea and it was so yummy!

The entire tea set complete with tea pot and sugar bowl! :)

My favorite part is the quote on the saucer. 
I'm afraid the photo is a bit blurry here, but it reads, "Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea."  Isn't that darling?  What a cute quote for a kitchen!
Such a fun surprise when you lift your cup to take a sip of tea!

What a feast!  The sandwiches were divine.  They offered such an assortment and I enjoyed getting to sample the different kinds.  I'm afraid I still dream about the scones.  They are on the second plate along with a crumpet, which I believe must be a close relative to the English muffin.  One scone had currants and the other one was plain.  Both absolutely melted in my mouth!  The third plate had a delightful variety of desserts.  They were all delicious, too! 

To accompany my scones and crumpet, I was afforded a lovely tray which included such delights as jam, creme fraiche, butter, and lemon curd.  Oh my heavens, how decadent! :)
Oh, and bless my heart, here was my view!

Even the birds couldn't resist!

I had such a wonderful time at the Crown and Crumpet.  I can't wait to return. 
It will definitely be a must on any future trips to San Francisco! :)

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