Monday, August 23, 2010

Girls' Getaway Weekend!!

But before I tell about the weekend's adventures, I thought I would show you the whole wheat cranberry scones I made last Sunday.  Pretty yummy, huh!?  I love that my kitchen has a gas stove and oven.  I think things cook better!  This recipe is from Weight Watchers and is super easy to boot!!

Now, for the weekend!! 

My friend, L, and I decided to take a little girls' weekend roadtrip for the last weekend of the summer.  Our first stop Saturday morning was Starbucks!  The perfect way to begin a road trip: coffee and baked goods!
Now, I will add here that we happened to get in line behind two people who had never been to Starbucks before.  Let me just say for these two dears the choices and possibilities seemed to be a bit endless (I mean the variety of options still gets to me at times), so our quick stop turned into a longer stay, but I am happy to report that each new Starbucks customer tried a new treat and seemed to enjoy her final choice!  It was also really cute to see all the different people in the coffee shop this morning.  A father had stopped in with his little girl.  She had so much fun eyeing all of the goodies behind the glass of the bakery case.  At another table was a wedding planner helping a young couple plan their big day.  She was prepared with floral arrangement samples and everything.  What fun!  I'm glad I had the extra moment to truly get a sense of the life experiences that happen in a coffee shop. 
Okay back to our trip!
I indulged in a skinny vanilla iced latte and triple berry coffee cake.  Yummy!! 
L got iced tea and a yummy scone.
And we're off!! 
An hour and a half later we arrive at our destination!  Here is L in front of our fabulous hotel.
Here is our fun room.
And fabulous tv!! 
Here was the view...really nothing to do, but relax by the pool -- a perfect vacay!!
But first...some sustenance!!  This was an adorable '50s cafe in the hotel.
Then, it was off to the fabulous pool!  I brought so many fun magazines that had been piling up at home.  What a treat to just read and relax!
By early evening some storm clouds were brewing so we headed back inside to get ready for dinner. 
We ate at another fabulous restaurant in the hotel.  The chips, queso, and salsa were delish! 
The next morning we got to sleep in and enjoyed watching a fun new favorite show: My Fair Wedding with David Tutera!!  It is on WE and you should definitely watch if you haven't seen it before. :)
Before we left we made a stop by the luxurious day spa for pedicures.  Don't worry, they had a huge tv in the mani/pedi room and we got to watch more fun wedding shows!!  Such a fun girly treat!! :)
On our way home, we stopped at the Allen outlets.  It was so crowded and majorly hot, but we braved the elements in the name of fashion and enjoyed looking around. 
Our final two stops were this amazing taco place
(I ordered the actual "rusty taco" and it was fabulous!  It was made with pork and pineapple.)

One word: Delish!
I ordered the red velvet on the left, which apparently the NYTimes has touted as one of the best, and continuing with the wedding theme of the day, L ordered the wedding cake cupcake, which is apparently their best seller.  I think we both chose winning flavors!!

Thanks, L, for a super fun girls' getaway!!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!


  1. Hi, Miss Carroll! Through a series of random clicks, I happened upon your blog! I have one, too. We should be friends again! :-) Hop on over and visit some time!

  2. so fun! looks like you and our sweet "L" had a great time!!

    i love that y'all ate at rusty taco! my brother took me there last month to eat dinner before hitting the jack johnson concert for my birthday. it was delish!! can't wait to go back! :)


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