Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Road Trip

Last week, my sweet cousin N and her darling children A & R picked me up and off we went to the town I grew up in and where my parents and our grandmother live. We had the best time!!
Here is sweet A at our grandmother's house.  The tea set to the left is one that her mother and I spent hours of fun with as we hosted tea party after tea party.  It was always an extra special treat if we got to put real water in our tea cups! :)
 Ok, now I have to just have a moment and share that I just realized you can post captions by the pictures!! Woo hoo! :)

What a precious smile!

Miss A was so precious and took this photo of her mama and me. 

Next stop: Dairy Museum!

Miss A in front of her favorite exhibit in the museum
Let me just say that this skeleton on the bicycle was a major hit for the kids.  When you pushed the white button to right, the skeleton started pedaling the bike and telling you all about how to keep your bones healthy and strong.  So fun!

Mr. R loved it, too! 
 Don't forget the ice cream! 
Any stop at the Dairy Museum would not be complete without a stop at the cute soda fountain inside.  After all, it was an awfully hot day! :)
Mmmm...looks like R likes his strawberry. :)

Miss A seems to be enjoying hers, too!
I tried it for myself and it was definitely the perfect treat!   Yummy!!

And the perfect ending to any trip to the Dairy Museum is a fabulous photo by the very large cows in front of the museum.  Both holstein and jersey cows are represented here and yes, these cows proudly stand very close to my high school alma mater!!

Now it was back to our grandmother's house for an impromptu talent show. 
It was so fun to watch a new generation revel in the delights of performing before an encouraging audience as N & I had so many times before! :)

Miss A performing an exquisite "Mary Had  a Little Lamb". 

Here is Mr. R in the process of stacking his blocks. 
The big finish for his number was getting to knock over his carefully built tower!
We had such fun reliving childhood memories, visiting family (so good to see you, AD & K!!), eating at yummy restaurants and just getting to be together.  It was also a treat when we journeyed to my parents' house and enjoyed watching A and R play with some of my brother and my favorite childhood toys.  My sweet friend L brought her precious baby C over, too.  What fun!  Thank you to our fabulous hostesses and host.  It is always so wonderful to spend time with you!

Thanks so much for a fabulous trip, N!!  I can't wait to see you all again soon! :)


  1. oh, your cousin looks just like she did in college! so fun! her kids are absolutely precious!!! i love their pretty red curls. :)

  2. I cannot believe I'm just now seeing this sweet post! we had such fun and cannot thank you enough for letting us take you along, carroll! you're so special to me and I love that my kids are making memories with you as well!


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