Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zodiac Luncheon

First of all, I just want to thank you for your precious comments on my last post.  They totally made my day!  Don't worry, Megan, I will make sure you are far away from any and all Santa conventions in the future!! ;)

Well, here we are Wednesday -- I can't believe it!!  Today, I thought I would recap a very special lunch I was able to attend on the Wednesday before Christmas.  My dad and his brothers hosted a sweet time at the Zodiac Room in downtown Neiman Marcus.  It was so special to get to see these precious family members right before Christmas!

Caroline and Ashley

Three adorable girls!

I loved the beautiful Christmas trees

Uncle Danny, Sue and Angela

Ashley and Grandmommy

Mom and Caroline

Rosalie, Naomi, and Daddy

Grandmommy and Me

The traditional Neiman's popover with strawberry butter.

I think Ashley liked hers!

My very happy plate!
We enjoyed the most delightful buffet!!

Naomi and Grandmommy

I loved the silver ornaments.

Beautiful Angela

Mom, Caroline, Naomi, and Grandmommy

Naomi, Grandmommy & me

Rosalie, Ashley, and Uncle Bubba

Angela, Rosalie, and Ashley

Then we had some major decisions to make about dessert!

What delectable delights!

Ashley and Rosalie weighed their choices very carefully ;)

So many tasty treats!

Looks like Ashley made her choice!

I enjoyed a macaron!!

Then, Grandmommy opened a Christmas gift.

Our whole group -- boy howdy, I sure love these folks!

Me with the parentals
We sure missed Megan, Edwin, and Mac, but were excited that we would get to see them soon!

Uncle Danny, Grandmommy, Daddy, and Uncle Byrd

The granddaughters with our Grandmommy

Uncle Byrd's crew
We sure missed Aunt Patty, too!

Uncle Danny's branch minus Chris and Reece
Hope to see them soon!

Precious mother and daughter

I sure loved getting to spend time with this sweet girl!

Ashley even took this cousin pic for us!!

Grandmommy and Rosalie in their red.

Then, we spent some time in the children's area.

Caroline gave Ashley a few pointers on the pink piano.

And Ashley enjoyed strumming the guitar a bit.

Loved the whimsical Christmas decor!

Ashley tickling the ivories!

What an incredible afternoon!
Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!!

The next day I got to meet Grandmommy, Uncle Byrd and the girls for lunch at Plain and Fancy.  Delish!!

Also, while home, I took this picture of the oak tree in Grandmommy's front yard.

And this verse just came to mind...
 "They will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, to display his glory." Isaiah 61:3

Hope you are having a good week!  I'm so thankful my books from UPS just arrived, so I'm off to read a bit for my class tomorrow. :)  Toodles!

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  1. there are so many things i like about this post! like your dad's tobasco sauce tie, the ZODIAC ROOM (oh my word!), the gorgeous decor, the tiny pink!

    also, have you ever tried to make popovers? they are so easy. i think you'd love it! and strawberry butter is super easy to do. we made this at a cookie class at whole foods one christmas and we have had great success since then. TOTALLY giving neiman's a run for their money. HA!


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