Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, attention please.  I have an announcement to make.  Last Thursday at approximately 7:38 am, I experienced a breakthrough of gargantuan proportions.  Yes, it is true, I ate a banana and enjoyed it.  I mean loved it!  After living for almost 30 years on planet earth, bananas seemed to be the food I didn't like.  I had always admired the banana with its excellent biodegradable packaging.  What a perfect snack food!  Not to mention the valuable nutrients nestled within its peel, but it was just never for me before Thursday.  Now, you may be asking yourself, if I didn't like bananas for the past 30 years, how did I find one in my possession?  Excellent question, dear reader.  I was visiting my local grocery last Sunday when I happened upon a meal deal that I could not refuse.  With the purchase of 4 Lean Cuisine frozen meals, I would receive a bag of fresh spinach, bottled water, a box of candy, and 1 lb. of bananas.  When they are giving away the bananas, even I couldn't refuse.  So, it was with great trepidation that I entered the produce section.  What am I looking for?  Should I go for the ones with a little green?  A lot of green?  No green at all?  How many bananas are in a pound?  For the record, I chose some that were a little green, so I could work up my courage throughout the week to try one.  As you can tell from my Sunday purchase to my Thursday breakthrough, I took my time before I tried the banana, but this experience has changed me so much that I found a new treasure at the store today:
How cute are those baby bananas?!  That is really their name!  They are pretty green now, so I can't wait for them to ripen a bit. :)
Since I was on such a kick, I decided after my workout that I needed a little snack with my new favorite food and some fellow food friends...

So yum!!  A little pb spread on a homemade whole wheat tortilla from the grocery with some banana, craisins, and this yummy cereal to top it off!!

Have y'all tried this?  It is totally delish!!  I highly recommend it. :)
Well, thanks for listening to my breakthrough story.  Next stop: Banana Split!!  I just realized that I will like those now. :)
Hope you have a great week!!  I have lots of stories to share about the past few weeks, so stay tuned! :)


  1. in Philippines we have different kind of bananas and most of them taste really good and can get you full that it can save you a meal. some are sour though which are not advisable to eat in the morning or you might get acidic stomach.

  2. You are impressing me with your cookery skills! And healthiness! So admirable.

  3. :) So proud :)

    Try the tortilla with PB and Banana and honey :) that's my fav!!!!

    bon appetite!


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