Sunday, September 2, 2012

And then it was Valentine's Day

Oh my goodness, well a month after meeting him, Mr. G was still calling and asked to take me out for Valentine's Day!  I was elated!!
Then, I thought, what will I give this man as a little Valentaine's Day surprise?
Why, his favorite cookies of course -- coconut macaroons!

These were pretty easy to make.

I was probably most nervous about mixing the egg whites, but soon the "soft peaks" described in the recipe appeared!

Of course, dipping them in a little chocolate ganache was a fun little extra!

I put all the macaroons in a little cellophane bag, tied it with ribbon and placed it in a Baylor Tervis tumbler.  I think he liked his surprise! :)
Soon the 14th was here and I was so excited because he hadn't shared where we were going!!
My sweet friend Ashley put my hair in an updo and I put on one of my favorite party dresses!
Soon, there was a knock on the door and he surprised me with these beautiful pink roses!
We got in the car and our first stop was a favorite restaurant -- Elite!
We enjoyed a delicious meal and when we got back in the car, he let me open an envelope with the tickets to our next surprise destination -- Chris Botti!!!
I was thrilled!  Chris Botti is one of my absolute favorite musicians.  I couldn't believe I would be listening to him play live with our local symphony.
The concert was fantastic!

What an amazing Valentine's Day!! :)

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  1. With school starting, I'm a little (to be read: a LOT) behind on my blog reading, but I just got caught up on yours and I cannot wait until the next installment! Don't keep me waiting long!


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