Friday, August 31, 2012

Dinner date!

Well, after some more fun dates, including bowling and Carinos, the theater, and Mr. G cooking for me himself, I decided to whip up a culinary delight of my own.  I can't remember what I was originally going to cook, but whatever it was became a crockpot meal when I discovered the Lady Bears were going to play Texas A & M on Saturday, February 11th.  Earlier that day, I put everything for our beef stew in the crockpot and set the table.
I used my favorite William Sonoma placemats and my Spode Provincial Garden everyday china that I just love.  Wouldn't you know that several years ago when I finally decided on a pattern, they discontinued it almost the next day?!  Thank goodness for!  I also thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use my grandmother Muvie's crystal that I received when she moved out of her apartment.

Then, the man of the hour arrived and whisked me to the Ferrell Center, where we had great seats to watch the team that would become National Champions!!  The funny thing was that when we got to the arena to pick up the tickets, tickets were spread out all over the table in such a jumble, there was no way to know where similar tickets were.  The two we got were on different rows, but almost right in front of the other.  Fortunately the seat next to my beau went unfilled and I got to enjoy most of the game by his side!  Just another comedic moment of dating. :)
Sorry these pics are not the best quality, but I'll bet the Baylor fans out there might be able to spot a certain gal we like whose initials are BG.
I just couldn't get over how close we were to the floor!  So fun!!
Also, this was the game when Trace Adkins sang the National Anthem, so that was a special treat, too! :)

After the game, we went back to my apt and faced the moment of truth.  Do y'all feel like that when you cook with a crockpot?  The food in the crockpot can smell fantastic and even fill your home with its fragrant aroma, but there is still a little question inside until you take that first bite as to whether this whole recipe really worked out or not.  Maybe it's just me. ;) Anywhoodles, all was well with the beef stew and I popped some bread in the oven to enjoy with our meal.  We had another fun filled conversation and I made one of my favorite desserts -- French Coconut Pie!  I really should blog that recipe because it is so easy, but SO delicious.  A few years ago Muvie wrote out all her favorite recipes in a book and this pie is one of them.  Makes me want to go whip one up right now just thinking of it!

More installments coming soon!  I'm so thankful for taking some photos on my iPhone to jog my memory. :)
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!  We are looking forward to the Bears' season opener against SMU on Sunday.  Sic 'Em!! :)

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