Sunday, October 30, 2011

Farm Day

Yesterday, I got to volunteer at the World Hunger Farm's Farm Day.  It was the perfect morning!
There were hay rides, a petting zoo, and a market.

I got to help at the water education table.

We learned about different water usages around the world.

The two larger water barrels represent the amount of water the average America uses per day and the smaller water container is the daily water usage of someone in sub-Saharan Africa.

The World Hunger Farm sold lots of lovely flowers and herbs.

As well as fabulous produce!

They served us delicious tacos for lunch served with home grown veggies.  Even farm fresh jalapenos!

After making a few purchases of my own, I headed out.  While I had been volunteering at the education table, a local couple told me that the oldest school in the county was in a red barn down the road, so I took a little detour to see this piece of history. :)

Once I got home I took stock of all my yummy finds!
I bought homemade whole wheat sourdough bread, a beautiful pumpkin, goat cheese and manchego cheese.

These placemats and napkins were a birthday gift from my sweet friend Lacy.
I think they are such a perfect taste of fall for my table.

I absolutely loved my pumpkin purchase -- such a great color!

Of course I couldn't wait too long to sample the bread and goat cheese.


Hope you have a good week!! :)

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