Friday, October 14, 2011

Catching Up

Hello!!  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Carroll and in the past, I have written little tidbits about my life on this little blog.  Remember these little books I showed you several weeks ago?  They have been keeping this sister a bit busy lately, but after my midterm this week, life has calmed a bit in the school department, so here is a little of what I've been up to...

Several weeks ago I had the joy of watching my sweet friend Cathy in our local theater's production of "Hello Dolly".  I just love this musical and remember watching the movie with Barbra Streisand many times at my Muvie and Mackie's house.  

Cathy played the role of Ernestina Money (the lady Dolly sets Horace Vandergelder up with at Harmonia Gardens) and she was fabulous -- absolutely hysterical!!    

Posing with my friend, the star!!

Horace and Ernestina

After that fun Thursday evening out, I packed my bags and headed up to Dallas after work on Friday with my friend Erin to meet our friend Lindsey for a fabulous girls' weekend!!

We arrived in the Big D ready for dinner and guess what had just opened?
In-N-Out Burger!!!!
I had never eaten at one before, so I was thrilled over our dining choice!
Before dinner pics!

Of course mid photo, I realized I needed to put my keys in my purse...

All ready!

Commemorative photo op!

The yummy menu!

Amen!  It's the truth!!

Oh my delish.


Closeup of the wonder that is the double double animal style...oh mercy me.

First bite!

Apparently my attempt at the first bite was hilarious!!
Lindsey capture what happens, as my Grandaddy would say, when my giggle box is turned over!
Come to think of it, I heard that phrase a lot as a child.

Erin and Lindsey

Yummy first bite!
Oh my lands, I am such a fan of this fabulous hamburger establishment and now know why people were going gaga over the franchises popping up across the Texas landscape.
After our tasty dinner, we went back to Lindsey's apartment and watched the incredible Vegas film filled with incredibly handsome men that is Ocean's Eleven.

The next morning, I woke up and enjoyed a little quiet time and catching up on the blogs.  Then, I turned on the coffee, which Lindsey had perfectly prepared and measured the night before and wow was it good!  Lindsey always has the magic touch when it comes to the perfect water to coffee ratio!

Ahhh...the perfect cup of coffee...

And look at this feast!

Lindsey went total gourmet and created this culinary delight of white chocolate pancakes topped with fresh raspberries, delightful scrambled eggs and bacon.  We thoroughly enjoyed our brunch and then headed to the pool for some R & R.

My pool necessities.  
Little Bee was my book club book for September and it was my goal to actually read the entire book before our meeting.  Mission accomplished thanks to a fabulous pink pool float!

After our relaxing pool time, we were ready for dinner!!

So delicious!

And what is pizza without a little dessert!

I know...cookie delivery...oh the joys of big city life.

These treats were fantastic and a perfect accompaniment to our next Vegas-style cinematic feature...
Ocean's 13.

The next morning we slept in and went to this delightful eatery for lunch.

Love this chandelier!

Erin and I both ordered the pumpkin ravioli...divine!

Lindsey ordered this fabulous chicken salad.

Perfect end to a fabulous weekend!


  1. Nice to meet you again Carroll! :D I want to start hanging out with you!! Delish!!!!

  2. such a fun weekend :) i'll have to get some of those pics!!!


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