Saturday, August 20, 2011

Picture Post!

Happy Saturday!!  I've enjoyed a fun day beginning with a fabulous brunch at a local museum, some relaxing time at home, a workout on the elliptical, a mani/pedi (I may or may not currently have pink glitter polish on my fun!!), and finally a trip to the grocery.  
As I looked through some pictures on the computer, I found quite a few that I have yet to blog about, so please enjoy these oldies, but goodies!! :)

First Stop:  Girls' Weekend!!
Several months ago, my friends Lindsey and Erin and I enjoyed a fun girls' weekend.  After dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, we decided to take a little walking tour of downtown.  The pic above is of the tallest building in our downtown area.
Here are more details about the Alico building.

From the base looking up :)

The three amigos! :)

A wonderful historical theater in downtown

A tornado devastated downtown years ago and this sculpture memorializes that event.
Lindsey and Erin paused for a pose by the mailbox on our tour of downtown. :)

This same weekend, one of my friends got married in a beautiful ceremony.  
Here is Kim's beautiful wedding cake.

And Kim's candy buffet!  I LOVE these things!!

Komen Race for the Cure was on Saturday of our girls' weekend event, so here are Lindsey and me getting ready for the race.

Next Stop: Neiman Marcus
Have I shown you this?  An adorable gift from my friend Amy!  I love it.  There is a mirror inside. :)

After a board meeting in big D earlier this year, I found myself very close to this very fun place!  After having received my adorable mirror, I found this sighting to be quite appropriate. :)

I wish I had time to stop in.  Unfortunately, I just had to drive on by, but hope to return soon!
I went to a book review in January that was over a book about the life of Stanley Marcus, so it really inspired my to go to the downtown Dallas store where the magic all began!

Third and Final Stop:
My roadtrip home after Easter
As I drove back home from Easter break, I paused for a yummy meal at Northpark (aka "The Mother Ship").  Tin Star is one of my faves in the food court.

I entered the mall through this fun little store...

I was on a shoe mission and found SUCCESS!!

Here are the fab results!  Not to shabby?!

After my shoe finds, I realized I was close to where this fun friend works, so I thought I would stop by and say hello.

However first, I thought a surprise treat to go along with my surprise visit might be a fun idea!!

I do love any excuse to stop by Sprinkles! :)
Thanks for going along on this little journey through these photos.  
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  1. Fun pictures and FUN shoes! :) Now I want a cupcake... ;)

  2. so much fun :) i still owe you big time for getting up early on a stormy saturday to go do a 5k race :) love you sweet friend!!


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