Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Dear Friends,
I am so sorry for the blog break!!  Life has been a little bit busy, but I do want to fill you in on all that has gone on.  In fact, I have quite a lot to share, so hopefully multiple posts will be headed your way!!

First of all, I want to tell you about the precious birthday party my mother and grandmother gave me.  It was my 30th and it was such a blessing to have sweet friends and family around to celebrate.  Before I get to the bash, I wanted to show you the cupcakes I gave away as favors:
Aren't they adorable!! 
They actually coordinated with my invitations that I found at a darling stationary shop with good help from my sweet friend, C. :)
I got them at this great cupcake shop!!

I chose chocolate and strawberry cake and the cupcake artists did all the designs!!

Then, I picked up some small boxes at Michael's.

Popped the cupcake in...

Added some ribbon...
And this precious friend quote...
And they were ready to give away!

This was the dining table mom set for the party with my great-great-grandmother's china.
My grandmother M did all the flower arrangements.
Aren't they gorgeous!  I need to see if I can take lessons!!
My sweet friend, L, and me. 
L and I have been friends since elementary school!

Dear college friends, L & E

For the menu:

Hot Apple Cider
Cheddar Chutney Spread with crackers

Main course
Green Bean Bundles
Tomato Soup Salad
Curried Chicken Salad
Bisquick Muffins

Esther Bollick's Orange Marmalade Cake!

Have you read Jan Karon's Mitford series?  It is the most delightful series of books about an Episcopalian priest who lives in the darling town of Mitford in North Carolina.  Anyway, the cake is one that one of the characters makes and fortunately they published a Mitford cookbook, so we can all have the recipe!!  Oh my word, it is delish!  Thanks Mom for making this special cake for me!

Mom sent some more pictures from the party and hopefully, I can add those soon. 
Sometimes I get a little too involved with chatting to remember to take pictures! :) 
Thank you so much to all who were able to attend my party. 
You made my day so special and I am so blessed to have such sweet friends and family in my life!
Huge thanks, too, to my mom and m for putting together such a fun event!  I love you both so much!!

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  1. What a beautiful birthday celebration for a lovely lady! Your cupcake favors were ADORABLE. I don't know if there is a high demand for cupcake wrappers out there, but you would fit the bill!


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