Monday, July 19, 2010


Happy Monday, Everyone!

I just returned from Zumba and am definitely feeling the intensity of the pilates/yoga class I attended last night!!  Also, I have indulged in some delicious homemade salsa from a darling eatery close by.  This salsa has the most wonderful flavor combinations.  I could just devour an entire bowl, I am sure!

Well, it seems that I have food on the brain, so I thought I would recount the rest of my Orlando experience, taking time to mention the meals!  Each meal at Convention was quite the event.  Mmmmm...that food was good!  The Ritz really knows how to put together a menu. 

One of the most unusual desserts we had while there was layered in a ramiken and almost tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I wish I could have seen a menu to tell you all what the dessert was called because surely something that inventive must have a rather unique name!  I tried to discern the ingredient combinations used to create this confectionary delight, so here is my best guess: I think there was some sort of pound cake in the bottom, a layer of raspberry compote or preserves next, and then there was a delightful mousse in the flavor of -- you guessed it!-- peanut butter.  Now, I personally am a fan of the PB & J, so I enjoyed this decadent dessert immensely.  However, for those who are not quite so enamored with these flavors, it may not be quite your cup of tea.  Even though I love PB and had been told that these were the flavors involved, I couldn't quite understand what it would taste like until I tried it.  I think this dessert could be so fun at a themed party.  I'll work on perfecting the recipe.  Milk would be the perfect complement, I believe.

I also enjoyed the lovely table arrangements at the meals.  Here are a few of my favorites:
It is no mistake that this picture also shows off the bread basket! 
Those rolls were quite yummy! :)

Now here is a closer picture of the centerpiece. 
Aren't the stars fully of whimsy? 
After all, we were in the Magical Land of Walt Disney himself!

Now, I think this little arrangement is delightful and so cute with the lemons anchoring the carnations. 
I might have to try this one myself!

My time at convention was very busy with lots of meetings and conversations, but I learned so much and the company was delightful!!  Meeting people from all over the United States was such fun. 

I also got to reconnect with two friends from my pledge class.  We had such fun catching up over dinner and I got to meet precious M, T's baby boy.  :)  Thanks, T & S for such a sweet visit!!

Another wonderful moment was meeting a lady who knew my great-aunt and uncle.  They both passed away relatively recently, so it was such a treasure to connect with someone else who knew these precious people. 
Don't you just love it when things like that happen? 
God is so gracious to us.

Well, friends, our next trip will be to San Francisco.  I almost left my heart there, but not quite! :)
Hope you all have a blessed Tuesday!!

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